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School of Division of General Studies
Kyong-mi Paek

Assistant Professor / UNIST


Name : Paek, Kyong-mi
School Division of General Studies
Title : Associate Professor
E-mail: [email protected]


Research Interest
– Creative processes and practices in the arts
– Learning through art
– Inquiry oriented learning


Research Publications (selected)

Challenging journeys: Contemporary Korean artists and some possible implications for education through art. International Journal of Education through Art, 12(3), 291-309(2016)

A critical cultural inquiry into insider issues in South Korean art education. British Journal of Sociology of Education 36(6), pp.915-933.(2015)

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An inquiry into enrichment programs for the visual arts, Journal of Basic Design & Art, 14(4), pp. 283-292. (2013)

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Paek, K. (In Press). Dynamic Growth in Contemporary Art and Creative Practitioners for the Future. Paju: Jimmundang


Paek, K. & Joo, H. (2015). Why we make art and why it is taught. (by Hickman, R., 2010) Paju: KyoYookKwaHaksa. ISBN:978-89-254-0912-2

2013. Why Our Schools Need the Arts (by Davis, J., 2008) Paju: Open Books.
ISBN: 978-89-329-1611-8


Doctor of Education (2007)
Art & Art Education program, Department of Arts & Humanities, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Master of Fine Art (1998)

Interior Design, Department of Industrial Design, Graduate School of Industrial Arts, .Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea.

Bachelor of Fine Art (1994)
Metal Art and Design, Department of Metal Art and Design, College of Fine Arts, Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea.